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Golf is a 4 Letter Word

About the show

GOLF is a 4-Letter Word, in more ways than one! Is a new-era golf show taking a fresh and fun approach to discussing the game we love so much, and sometimes hate. From celebrity interviews and your personal stories, through the golf courses to play and everyone's rants and raves about them. Fashion trends, our great contests, call-in discussion and tournament updates; we'll cover it all. So settle in to your favorite chair and tune in. You'll be glad you did, in more ways than one! See you in the clubhouse .

About Francoise

Francoise is the producer/ host of Golf is a 4-Letter Word! and Traveling With Françoise! Before her radio career began, she was (and still is) a journalist. Her articles have appeared in InStyle Magazine, Horse and Horseman, Senior Life USA, Press Enterprise, Women Poker Player, Golf Divas, Desert Sun and more. Currently she is a staff writer for Desert Golf Magazine and Colorado Golf Magazine. This is where her addiction to the game of golf progressed at a rapid pace. When writing for publications that are focused on one subject, you tend to live and breathe that subject!

She take her craft seriously and is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America, Media Mavens, Society of American Travel Writers, Travel Writers Association of America,, Palm Springs Women in Film, Rotary International of Palm Springs and, more.

Beside playing golf and hosting her radio shows this California native enjoys playing poker, her home, traveling and driving.