Angels' Pitcher Joins Buehler's Day Off Family

Angels pitcher Michael KohnTeam 1010 KXPS, home of Angels baseball, is proud to announce the addition of pitcher Michael Kohn to the "Buehler's Day Off" family for the weekly installment of KohnVersations with Michael Kohn.  

Mondays at 1:30 pst, BDO listeners will get a look at the life of a professional athlete. From hunting in the woods of South Carolina to rehabbing after Tommy Johns surgery, Kohn knows perseverance and has a variety of experiences to add to the fun and lively BDO.

Kohn is an avid college football fan, as he admits, "I probably know more about college football than I do baseball." And a passionate golfer, "Well, I'm the best player on the [Angels], I'll say that," Kohn reluctantly offered when asked if he was good at the sport.

"My listeners will hear from a professional athlete about real issues and have a chance to strip away any negative, inaccurate perceptions to see what makes Michael tick and what makes him so successful," BDO host Julie Buehler said. "This is a tremendous addition and, oh yeah, Michael has a great personality. He's smart, humble, funny and knows a lot about a lot. He'll fit right in." 

Weekly KohnVersations with Michael Kohn begin Monday July 22nd at 1:30 pst. Tune in online at, or download the Team 1010 mobile app.