Clippers covering Lakers banners at Staples Center is the right move

If the move by the Doc Rivers and the L.A. Clippers to cover Lakers championship banners at the Staples Center during Clippers home games offends Lakers fans, players, grandmothers, children, or puppies, tough. Deal with it. The move makes sense and is long overdue. 

On Friday night the Clippers covered all 16 Lakers championship banners with large images of Blake Griffin and company much to the chagrin of some Lakers fans. Former Clipper Nick Young, acquired by the Lakers this summer, expressed that he felt the move was "disrespectful." Seriously?

Covering the banners may seem insignificant to some, but the move shows progress, is long overdue, and Doc Rivers deserves credit for the move. Changing the culture and the image of the Clippers won't just happen, and this move shows that Doc gets it. When the Clippers play home games at Staples, it needs to truly be a home game, not a vacation rental. Having Lakers banners hovering over their shoulders is an unnecessary tribute to the in-town rival. If anything, everyone should be shocked that it took this long to cover them up. 

Either way, this will help add a little spice to the season opener where the Clippers play "at" the Lakers on October 29th. 

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