MLB In Full Bloom 1/13/2014


32 – Number of days until pitchers and catchers report

79 – Number of days until Opening Day

For folks that did not see 60 Minutes last night you missed the big bombshell. I can't believe there is a baseball fan that did not watch it. But, this is not as much a baseball story, it is a sports story that has captivated the country. For those that did miss it, Anthony "Tony" Bosch, owner of Biogenesis finally came out and spoke about his involvement with Alex Rodriguez. Scott Pelley, 60 Minutes journalist, did a great job with the story. I thought it was thoroughly done and he was fair to all sides. It was alarming the detail that we learned during this interview. The biggest takeaway for me is that nobody looked good. Bosch certainly did not look good, Major League Baseball did not look good, and Rodriguez with 500+ text messages that 60 Minutes had needs to stop trying to convince us that he is not guilty. There were other stories in baseball - good stories to discuss so lets turn out attention to those stories!


  • MLBPA has yet to approve expanded replay & elimination of home plate collisions. It appears that there is no consensus from the player's union.  With replay in particular, what was agreed to in collective bargaining earlier about an expansion Major League Baseball is trying to go beyond what was agreed to so the player's union is basically sitting back on this issue.
  • Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals agreed to a one-year contract late last week. Strasburg avoided arbitration by agreeing to the contract. This would have been the first season Strasburg was eligible for arbitration.
  • Carlos Gonzalez had an emergency appendectomy surgery in Denver last Friday night after experiencing terrible stomach pain. Gonzalez has six weeks to recover and prepare for spring training.
  • Derek Holland (knee) injured his left knee in a fall at home. He underwent surgery earlier last Friday to repair the damage, which will likely keep him out until at least mid-season. It was reported that he was playing hockey when he injured his knee, but he was actually playing with his dog named Wrigley. Wrigley was chasing Derek and undercut him and Derek fell on his head and injured his knee.
  • Brian Roberts and the New York Yankees agreed to a one-year deal today. The deal was agreed to almost a month ago, but the Yankees had to wait for the conclusion of the Alex Rodriguez suspension appeal to officially add Roberts to their 40-man roster. He is taking A-Rod's roster spot and will be in line for a good amount of playing time at second base in 2014. Kelly Johnson is expected to start at third base.
  • Scott Sizemore and the New York Yankees agreed to a minor league contract. He is one of the options at third base for the Yankees. Sizemore has virtually missed the last two seasons due to a serious left knee injury as he tore his ACL twice. There is a reason he signed a minor league contract as there is not much of a guarantee there. Kelly Johnson, Eduardo Nunez and Brandon Ryan are other options for 2014.
  • Masahiro Tanaka is still on the market and a report over the weekend indicate that the Angels, Dodgers, and Yankees are the three favorites. It's unknown what Tanaka is looking for from this teams. Does he prefer the west coast over the east coast? Money is not the issue with these three teams, but the opportunity to win and where he feels the most comfortable are the driving forces.