"Jules Of The Gridiron" - The Beginning


It just happened today. Pure, visceral passion enveloped me in an instant and 10 minutes of common radio turned into some of the most exhilarating moments behind a microphone.

For more than 100 days I tolerated "MLB In Full Bloom" as a segment for baseball purists and 10 minutes of air time I didn't have to plan or program because for those minutes, my co-host, Geoff Bloom, expounded on the meanderings of a sport out of season and therefore, out of relative consciousness for me. 

But today, because the baseball season officially began and because Bloom officially didn't have his dedicated segment and because I obtained some special research pertaining to the Raiders' trade for Matt Flynn that happened over the weekend, something happened that I never could have anticipated and would never try to explain. 

But "Jules of the Gridiron" was officially birthed today in shocking and jubilant fashion... True, I geeked out on the Ustream broadcast. And true, barely scratched the surface of the research I had to present, but it was spectacular talking pure NFL in early April.

And so in this space, I will offer special insight, research, perspective and dedicated air time to the ultimate team game, America's most popular passion, chess with mountainous men and my favorite sport: Football. 

Here's the video from what happened in studio today-- it starts slow, but give it time... 

And most importantly, the information I was trying to disseminate was rather fascinating... 

When looking at the starting qbs in the NFL and their draft position, some interesting trends and anomalies emerged... 

For the record, I looked at the draft positions of 34 "starting" qbs in the NFL, taking into account Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton for the Cardinals (although Arians came out Tuesday saying Palmer was THE starter) and Mike Vick and Nick Foles for the Eagles. I slapped the Bills with Tavaris Jackson, because, well, they did it to themselves, and kept Blaine Gabbert in as the starter for the Jags. Also, I assigned Tony Romo, the lone undrafted starter, draft position 263 in the 7th round as that would have been the pick after 2003's Mr. Irrelevant, WR Ryan Hoag from the football factory Gustavus Adolphus (I know... how did THAT guy not make it in the NFL?)

The NFC North has the distinction of being the only division with all 4 starters drafted in the 1st round. And incredibly, the one qb drafted the lowest, 24th overall, is the one qb with a Super Bowl MVP and ring, Aaron Rodgers

The divisions with the lowest average draft position of starting qbs is a close race between the AFC and NFC Easts, and it's about time Tony Romo won something (other than the "most overpaid athlete" label). We can also thank Tom Brady for flexing his "rags to riches" story as a 6th round pick, taken 199th overall. Only Romo and Matt Flynn (the reason this WHOLE thing started) have a lower draft position than Brady, so it's no shock that despite having 2 #1 overall picks and a #4 overall pick in the division, the AFC West, when including Flynn, plummets sharply into the 3rd place position. 

Other interesting notes:

  • Of 9 qbs taken #1 overall starting for NFL teams, nearly half, 4, are NOT playing with the team that drafted them. Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer and Mike Vick, all found homes elsewhere despite the incredible investments into them from their drafting franchises. O
  • Of the 9 #1 overall picks, the only ones with Super Bowl rings are the Manning Brothers. Although Smith was on the sideline for one (cue me collapsing into the fetal position). 
  • 23 of the 34 "starting" quarterbacks are 1st round picks. If you look at it as the 32 starters (just looking at Vick and Palmer for the Cards and Eagles), that amounts to 72% of the starters in the league. 
  • Along with Rodgers in the NFC North and Brady in the AFC East, Drew Brees in the NFC South was drafted the lowest among his divisional peers and is the only one with a Super Bowl ring. 
  • A lot was made of Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson this past year (for good reason) but they were both the 6th quarterback taken in their respective drafts. Kaep a 2nd round pick, 36th overall, selected just after Andy Dalton. Wilson a 3rd round selection, 75th overall. So 39 selections separate the two players, but they were each drafted at the same slot for their position. 

Next up on "Jules of the Gridiron" -- NFL draft facts that you won't believe! 



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