Jules From The Gridiron 4-8-13


Jules From The Gridiron 4-7-13

Championship Edition! 

From the “Who’s Got The Concussion Now” department: Joe Flacco is set to play Johnny Unitas in an upcoming film called “Unitas We Stand” … Joe Unitas, Johnny’s son, who I met while in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, said the Baltimore ties are what were so important, plus, he said in a phone interview with SI.com, “I think it's great that Joe just won the Super Bowl with the Ravens and was Most Valuable Player in the game. A lot of the way Joe plays and his demeanor reminds me a lot of my dad. He's not a rah-rah guy. He throws a touchdown and maybe there's a little fist pump. He understands his job is all about winning and he does a phenomenal job leading the offense and the team and obviously they've developed a lot of trust after becoming a champion. He's an awesome teammate and great leader of the team."

Fair enough. And not that any actor now-a-days can accurately depict Unitas’s toughness, his determination, his talent and wrap it up into the garbage-man-next-door persona, but Flacco just got paid a $120million+ contract. There’s something very wrong about the guy who got a record NFL deal playing the great Unitas. Just it.

From the “Captain Obvious Breaking News Department”:  Raiders waive former 1st round pick Rolando “Big Body” McClain…. Ok, I gave him the “Big Body” nickname. Never really stuck because he never played up to it. The former Crimson Tide standout was too busy complaining about the organization on social media and getting arrested to play football. This year will be tough for the Silver and Black, but 2014 will be far brighter as their dead cap money comes off the books and they can spend again.


Because Detroit fans aren’t tired enough of having their hearts ripped out and trampled, certainly by the Lions, then the Tigers, and once again, the Lions are priming for some metaphorical puppy punting, as they signed former 49er David Akers, who nearly lost his job to Billy Cundiff who was axed from the Ravens after costing them a chance in the Super Bowl. After 21 years, Jason Hanson retired, and the Lions were looking for a new way to become a punchline. Enters Akers. Now- it should be stated that Akers led the NFL in points in back-to-back years (’10-’11), becoming the first player since Marshall Faulk did it 2000-2001. And we should give him credit for leading the NFC for 4 straight years, and he did lay new ink in history with his best season debuting for the Niners in 2011, but this is the guy who couldn’t convert a field goal to beat the Rams.

Revis can’t go to his Island… If Revis holds out, apparently it’ll cost him $3 million. And sports fans everywhere breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing there won’t be a Revis holdout this off season.

 A clause in Revis’ contract requires him to participate in voluntary workouts in order to receive bonus money, according to ESPN.com’s Rich Cimini.

From the report: When Revis renegotiated his contract in 2010, following his second holdout in three years, he agreed to a clause that requires his attendance in all offseason activities — even non-mandatory workouts, sources said.

If Revis doesn’t participate in approximately 80 percent of the workouts, he will forfeit not only a $1 million workout bonus, but two other bonuses — a $1 million roster bonus (triggered March 17, but payable at a later date) and a $1 million reporting bonus at the start of training camp.

They’re tied together, providing significant financial motivation to attend. It was the Jets’ way of making sure Revis stays on his best behavior, an aspect of his four-year, $46 million contract that was kept relatively quiet — until now.

So he might be on the trade block, but he’s still got to show up at camp.

Ever wonder what’s on Steve Spurrier’s mind? Well, apparently, if you just ask him, he’ll tell you EXACTLY what’s on his mind: He wasn’t happy that the USC Trojans garnered more national media than his USC Gamecocks, and was talking with a beat reporter about the injustice…

Josh Kendall of The State tweeted Spurrier’s comments:

Josh Kendall@JoshatTheState

Steve Spurrier: “I noticed both USCs had their pro timing day today. One of them finished No. 7 in the country, the other was not (1/4)

in the Top 25, yet ESPN decided to go out to the one in California which did not finish in the Top 25 and televise their day live. (2/4)

It’s interesting that (ESPN) doesn’t come around here on signing day, they don’t come around here on pro timing day, and yet (3/4)

they want us to play all these Thursday night games. Maybe we need to consider playing on that new network, FoxSports 1" (4/4)

I always appreciate a coach going to bat for his guys… and Spurrier makes a great point here. Lattimore got a standing ovation from the media at his pro day… Barkley barely received a golf clap.

It might come as a shock, but the hard-living Rob Gronkowski might be out for a while longer due to an infection. According to multiple sources familiar with the situation, Gronkowski has been battling an infection in the area around where a second metal plate was installed to repair his broken left forearm and his readiness for the season is in jeopardy. This sounds knarly and likely is. Now that Gronk might be down and we know Wes Welker is out, you just have to wonder how Tom Brady is responding to all this.

Tomorrow’s Jules From the Gridiron: recapping today’s remarkable charity auction of Hugh McElhenney’s Hall of Fame jacket!!