Buehler's Week 17 Picks


Buehler’s Week 17 NFL Picks

The final week of the regular season is here which means jubilation for the likes of the Colts and Seahawks who are surprise playoff teams playing for seeding rather than a spot, and relief for Raider fans and Jaguar fans who’s seasons have been hard to watch…

Bucs at Falcons

Falcons have won 7 of the past 8 and while most of their starters could sit, as they’ve wrapped up the 1 seed in the NFC, they’re in the mood to keep rolling until they prove their doubters wrong. Falcons win 31-28.

Jets at Bills

I feel bad for Bills fans. Feel worse for Jets fans. But feel terrible for anyone that has to watch this game. Res Ryan is 6-1 against Buffalo while Gailey is 0-6. Throwing a flier for the Bills, they win 17-7.

Ravens at Bengals

Each team have their playoff spot clinched, but rivalry is heated and the Bengals are still clawing for some respect. This game is the first time the Bengals are favored over the Ravens since 2008, which makes sense since the Ravens have beaten the Bengals the past 4 times including a 44-13 demolition of Cinci in September. Fun game to watch, but Ravens get the edge in the running game. Ravens win 20-17.

Bears at Lions

Sheesh. Week 17, Lions an unimpressive 4-11, Bears need to win to get in. Lions are 0-5 in division play this year, Cutler is 6-1 with 11 TDs, 1 INT versus Detroit. Easy game. Bears win 31-21.

Texans at Colts

The Colts have done things few NFL franchises have accomplished with Peyton Manning at the helm. Took a breathtakingly disastrous turn last year, only to rebound once again in historic fashion this year.  Coach Pagano has been a reverberating inspiration for the whole league. Want to see them win, but they’re the 5 seed regardless of outcome. The Texans are no longer a scary team, and Houston has never won in Indy. Ever. That streak continues. Colts win 27-24.

Panthers at Saints

Read about the Super Bowl Curse. That will help explain how the Saints lost to the Panthers in September. They won’t this week, but Cam Newton will still have a monster game. Saints win 35-28.

Eagles at Giants

It’s amazing to me this game is meaningless. Eagles have won 7 of the past 8, Coughlin has a 9-12 record against this team, Vick is back in the fold, and who knows what that means… Giants, at home, I like their chances. Giants win 21-17.

Browns at Steelers

It’s amazing to me this game is meaningless. The Browns will undergo a facelift, saying goodbye to their head coach and GM, and the Steelers will miss the playoffs. Amazingly, Coach Tomlin has NEVER lost when taking the field with a losing record. And don’t see how he does Sunday. Steelers win 27-21.

Jags at Titans

Awesome. Jags lost to the Pats last week, but not nearly as badly as the Titans lost to the Packers. Jags have won 3 of the last 4 in this matchup and I don’t know if I should lay any more ink to this contest. No one watching this game wins, but the Titans at home do. 21-14.

Chiefs at Broncos

The Broncos, hosting the Chiefs, are the biggest favorite EVER in Denver’s recorded spread history that dates back to 1978. And Broncos could earn a first round bye with a win. So they will. Broncos 35-10.

Packers at Vikings

The Vikings are a great story, AD running for more yards per attempt than Ponder can throw for, beating out the Bears for a potential playoff spot, and having to host the Packers to do so. A Packer team that Leslie Frazier has never beaten. Packers have won the past 5 and with a win, earn a 2 seed in the NFC. Giving this one to Rodgers. No discount double check for division play. Packers win 28-20.

Dolphins at Pats

The Dolphins always seem to play the Pats tough. They haven’t won in the past 5 matchups, but the games aren’t usually blowouts. Still Pats win. 27-14.

Raiders at Chargers

Norved. Both teams are that is. Pryor getting the start is going to provide a spark, for a quarter. Then San Diego’s defense will figure him out. Chargers win 31-13.

Cardinals at Niners

It’s a bad day for teams that have to face the Niners after a loss. But it’s even worse for a team who doesn’t have a quarterback. Division on the line, Niners win 27-3.

Rams at Seahawks

The Seahawks are an absolute buzzsaw right now. They’ve scored 173 points in the month of December, winning all 4 games. That’s 44% of their season’s offense in 4 weeks. They emasculated the Niners. Destroyed the Cardinals’ will to live before that. Now what happens against the Rams who are unbeated in their division at 4-0-1? Can’t bet against the Hawks at home (like I did last week). Seahawks win 31-14.

Cowboys at Redskins

Some fun games this week, but none better than this one.  The Boys MUST win to snag a playoff spot. The Redskins can get in as a wildcard, with the Bears and Vikings losing, but the Cowboys have not been known to be solid under pressure and couldn’t stop Brees last week at home. Most impressive part of the Redskins turnaround is how good their defense has been playing. I’m taking the DC over the Big D. Redskins win 27-24.

Enjoy the final week of the season!! Went 13-3 last week, hope to bat 1.000 this week! 

Buehler's Week 16 NFL Picks


Buehler’s Week 16 NFL Picks

Went 11-5 last week, largely thanks to picking the Niners to upset the Patriots, and candidly, that pick was oozing more bias than MSNBC. But it worked. Hope these do too. 

Saturday Night Football

Falcons at Lions

Buried in the Lions failed season is Calvin Johnson’s season. But he’s becoming the ONLY bright spot for Detroit. Meanwhile, the oft-doubted Falcons are closing in on home-field advantage through the playoffs with a win. Calvin gets his record. But Falcons win 30-17.

Raiders at Panthers

The Raiders are coming off a shutout of the Chiefs, the Panthers are coming off a demolition of the Chargers. In an inglorious showdown of futility, highlighted by a cameo of Terrell Pryor (yes, that’s the only highlight). Panthers win 28-12.

Saints at Cowboys

The Saints have been a mystery all season, explained perfectly by the Super Bowl Curse. The Cowboys have won 4 of their last 5 games by 3,5,1,3 points respectively. Which means they’ve been teetering on losses and the Saints’ potent offense will be on full display. After a brutal start to the season, the Saints TO margin has climbed back to +1. ‘Boys are -9. Saints win 35-31.

Titans at Packers

I don’t know why people are Titan fans. I do know why people are Packer fans. Remember when the media wondered what was wrong with Rodgers? He’s only thrown 25 TDs versus 3 INTs in his last 8 games against the AFC. With a passer rating of 115.7 in those games. Pack is 26-0 when Rodgers’ rating is 115+. Math is simple. Packers win 33-10.

Vikings at Texans

The Vikings are the surprise team in the NFC North that has, get this, supplanted the Bears for a playoff spot.  All the while, Ponder is averaging fewer yards per pass than Peterson is averaging per carry. While that is funny, it’s going to equal turnovers against that Texans defense, which is second in the league with a +15 TO margin. Texans win 20-14.

Pats at Jags

I don’t know what you want me to say. Would you want to face the Patriots after they were embarrassed by the 49ers? Especially since the Jags have NEVER BEATEN THE PATRIOTS. EVER. Geez. Pats win 35-10.

Colts at Chiefs

This was on the schedule, so apparently, they do have to play. Colts win and they clinch a playoff berth. With a rookie head coach, rookie GM and rookie QB. That is 10 times more difficult than you can imagine and therefore, 10 times more impressive than they’re given credit for. Best story in the NFL. Colts win 28-17.

Bills at Dolphins

Dolphins. Because they suck less. 24-17.

Chargers at Jets

So last week, the same Chargers team that beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh for the first time in the regular season in franchise history, subsequently face planted at home against a lowly Panthers team. THAT means, on the road against a Jets team that is starting Greg Mc Elroy, clearly they felt the Cardinals and Chiefs were receiving too much undo attention for bad quarterbacks when they have a bevvy of them…  the Chargers will actually put together a game plan that is shockingly successful. And prove how #Norved the team is. Chargers win 24-7

Redskins at Eagles

Since the Eagles fired Juan Castillo, the secondary has allowed 14 TDs and collected 0 INTs. Last time these teams met, you might remember RG3 ended up with a PERFECT PASSER RATING, that wasn’t an accident. He gets the start. And the win. Redskins 28-14.

Bengals at Steelers

People often look at the Bengals the same way they used to look at the Saints- skeptical they can take that “next step” and become a legit playoff team. This is the week this team proves they are. They have all the right ingredients: Big armed qb. #1 receiver. Decent running game. Potent defense. Step aside Steelers. Who Dey Nation is taking this one. And a playoff spot. Bengals win 14-10.

Rams at Bucs

I don’t know what to think of either team. I’m not sure any two teams have been so Jeckle and Hyde as these two week in and week out. Both were relevant, then not, then on the cusp of a playoff berth, then not. And now, still not. But given the Bucs woes against the pass and Jeff Fisher’s coaching style, I’m going Rams 27-20.

Browns at Broncos

If the Ravens got shelled by the Broncos at home, the Browns are in for a long Sunday. Broncos win. 30-17.

Bears at Cardinals

Last time this game happened in Arizona, it produced one of the great moments in coaching history. Things have changed now. But, despite a huge win over the ailing Lions last week, the Cardinals are who we think they are. Bears win 28-10.

Giants at Ravens.

Both teams were embarrassed last week by playoff opponents. I’m giving the defending world champions the benefit of the doubt for a rebound, that and the Ravens offense may still need time to adjust to Jim Caldwell. Giants win 27-24.

49ers at Seahawks

I should spare you the reason the Seahawks could win this game. Despite Russell Wilson becoming the first rookie QB since the merger to go undefeated at home through the first 6 home games, despite this team scoring 50+ in back-to-back games and becoming the first team since 1950 to do so, despite the Hawks +11 TO margin besting the Niners +8 mark, I’m still taking the Niners to pull off the upset. Because I can. Niners win 30-14 (boom).  




Buehler's Week 14 NFL Picks



Went 9-6 last week, picked the Colts and Seahawks to win, but over stepped on the Saints, Bucs and Giants (to name a few). Abstained from picking the Chiefs-Panthers game that I thought was played erroneously. But I’m picking all 16 games this week. Plenty of playoff hopes hinge on this weekend. So let’s get it done…

Thursday Night Football

Broncos at Raiders

It’s gotten ugly in Oakland. But this is prime-time TV, head coach Dennis Allen lost his father earlier in the week, the Raiders don’t want to be embarrassed at home on Thursday night. Plus McFadden is finally back, he’s rushed for 100+ yards 3 of the 4 past times these teams have played and the Raiders are 9-2 when RunDMC goes off for 100+. So there’s that. But the Broncos have a 7-game winning streak, and Von Miller. Oh, and Peyton Manning. So while I’m hoping for a competitive game, gotta go with the Broncos, 27-14.

Sunday Funday

Rams at Bills

The Rams are coming off an emotional division win over the Niners. They also happen to be the only team in the NFL unbeaten in division play that does not own the division lead. They are 4-0-1 vs the NFC West and an inglorious 1-6 versus the rest of the league. The Bills are tied with the Saints and Lions as the most talented team with a losing record. Bills win. 21-18. 

Falcons at Panthers

The Panthers lost in Kansas City and the Falcons handled the Saints rather easily, but this is NOT an easy game for the Falcons… just kidding. I know the last time these teams met in Atlanta, the Falcons escaped with a 2 point win, but the Panthers are so inconsistent and hosting the Falcons who are catching their stride. Falcons win. 30-21.

Cowboys at Bengals

Love this Bengals team. Last year they snagged a playoff spot by virtue of a weak schedule, this year, behind a beefy defensive line they lead the NFL in sacks and Andy Dalton is making the franchise look good with more touchdowns (23) and fewer interceptions (13) than Romo (19/15). The Cowboys found their running game last week, but against a sad Eagles’ defense. Bengals d-line vs Cowboys o-line is the battle to watch and Bengals get the win. 28-17.

Chiefs at Browns

I’ll say this again. Browns D is decent and the AFC North is far more competitive than the AFC West. So while both teams are division cellar dwellers, the Browns D get the nod at home. If you can, I’ll pick this game. Browns win 16-14. (Incidentally, I picked this score BEFORE I knew these two teams battled to the same score at Arrowhead, but the Chiefs came out on top in 2010. Similar type game, but Browns win.)

Titans at Colts

Colts pulled off the stunning upset of the Lions, proving Luck is needed to win a shootout (sorry, no more puns) and the defense got a necessary stop in the 4th as well. Last time these teams met in Tennessee, we saw a brilliant comeback in overtime with Vick Ballard pulling off an acrobatic goal-line drive to seal the win.  Last time these teams met in Indy, the Colts earned the first victory of last season, breaking the goose egg in the win column after 14 long weeks. Hope this game is that much fun. But I think the Colts win wire-to-wire. 28-21.

Jets at Jaguars

Gosh, to think the Chiefs- Browns game looked like a stinker. Feel like I should wash my hands after typing this. In a game of two franchises in desperate need of reorganization, I give this to the Jags.  The Jets don’t have the defense to keep up with Cecil Shorts III. Read that again. Jags win. 19-17

Bears at Vikings

Adrian Peterson is averaging a gaudy 6.2 yards a carry. And Brian Urlacher won’t be playing and the Vikings are 5-1 at home including quality wins over the Niners, and Detroit. They don’t scare you on paper, especially after Percy Harvin landed on IR, but this team is home for the first time in a month after having a bye week and 2 road games. I’ll take the less-banged up team and AD. Vikings win 24-17.

Chargers at Steelers

Need your team to play better? Great idea, let it leak that your head coach is fired after the season. Lump in the GM and see how the team responds. Look, the Chargers are winless-WINLESS- in the Steel City. Big Ben is back and even if he’s still ailing from his “odd injury” and losing a rib, and even without Ike Taylor in the Steelers secondary, the Chargers are not a team that will gut out a win. They usually try ferociously to miraculously underachieve. Steelers win 28-10.

Eagles at Bucs

The Bucs are a far cry from the 1-3 team that started the season. Now the 4th most prolific offense in the NFL, they’ll exploit the Eagles defense that leaves gaping holes for receivers to cruise into. The question is what will Nick Foles do? The Bucs passing defense is a liability and allowed Manning to explode in the 3rd quarter. Foles is no Manning, but if he can limit over throwing his receivers, and the Eagles balance their attack with Brown, this could be a shootout. Problem is turnovers. Eagles are -18 on the season in TO margin. Bucs are +11. Bucs win 34-21.

Ravens at Redskins.

Fun one. Love this game. Ravens lost to a Steelers team that had no business winning. Redskins beat a Giants team that had every opportunity to win. Griffin has earned the trust of his coaches to make big plays to seal games while the Ravens don’t even trust Ray Rice. Redskins win. 24-21.

Dolphins at 49ers

I don’t think the Niners are a team that any team wants to face after a loss. Niners offensive line got outplayed by the Rams defensive line and they’ll make sure they maul the Dolphins into submission. (spoken like a true fan huh…) Kaepernick gets the start again and we’ll see if the Niners can open some passing lanes for him. I think they can. Niners win. 27-14.

Saints at Giants

Two teams coming off loses. The Saints suffering from the Super Bowl Curse, the Giants defensive line still rocking themselves in the fetal position lamenting RG3 in their division. Giants rebound with that pass rush and Drew Brees starts a new touchdown streak at 1. Giants win 30-28.

Cardinals at Seahawks.

Josh Skelton or Ryan Lindley. Or drive bamboo shoots up your toenails. Feels the same for Cardinal fans. Seahawks have their franchise QB. All five feet ten inches of him. Seahawks win. 18-9.

Sunday Night Football

Lions at Packers

The Lions sure have a lot of talent. If they could manage to use it, they might not blow leads late or fall behind so quickly early. But they do. I trust Rodgers. I know the Packers offensive line isn’t good and I know the Lions’ defense is supposed to be imposing but Andrew Luck carved them up. Rodgers will too. Packers win 35-27

Monday Night Football

Texans at Patriots

Can Monday come soon enough??????? Can’t wait for this one. Since the Giants cracked the Pats code in 2007, the best way to beat the Pats is with a formidable pass rush. The Texans have that. They also have a physical secondary. They can get gashed with big plays and the Pats love to do that. But the Pats haven’t been challenged by a pass rush since their week 6 loss in Seattle. The Texans are 6-0 on the road and have a pretty explosive offense as well. While I give the coaching nod to the Pats, I have to give the talent nod to the Texans, and the win. 21-17.

Another exciting week in front of us! Hard to believe we’re looking at week 14. Even harder to believe how badly my fantasy team has done this year. But that’s why the real games are even that much more important (if I were winning, they wouldn’t be. But I’m not. So they are.)



Buehler's Week 15 NFL Picks



Took a bath last week with the 4 games that changed direction in the final two minutes. This season we’ve seen 47 games decided in the final 2 minutes and 2 rookies, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson have led the charge all season. But now we see Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins joining in. So the kids that are supposed to be rattled the easiest are the ones leading the teams to victory in the most strenuous of fashions. Love this game. Ok, enough slobbering love fest… here’s this week’s picks…

Thursday Night Football

Bengals at Eagles

It’s easy to look at a Bengals team vying for the playoffs, leading the NFL in sacks, facing off with a struggling Eagles team coming off a dramatic win featuring a rookie quarterback on a short week and think, Cinci wins. It’s easy to think that. So I will. Bengals win on the road and make the AFC North very interesting. 28-14.

Sunday Funday

Giants at Falcons

The Giants found a shiny new toy in David Wilson who became the first player in NFL history to run for more than 200 return yards and 100 rushing yards in the same game (227 and 100 respectively). That came against the Saints who have allowed FEWER rushing touchdowns on the season than the Falcons. See where I’m going here? BUT wait! You say! Matt Ryan is 32-4 at home. That’s the best a quarterback has been in the Super Bowl era. True. But half his losses came to defending Super Bowl champs. Which the Giants are. Giants win 35-31.

Broncos at Ravens

The Ravens fired their offensive coordinator and promoted Jim Caldwell who was in Peyton Manning’s corner for 9 years as a coach for the Colts. Odd coincidence. Or not. Ravens have lost 2 in a row for the first time since 2009. It doesn’t get to 3. For all the publicity the Broncos are receiving, they have a -2 turnover margin. The Ravens are 3rd in the AFC with +12. Ravens win 28-24.

Redskins at Browns

I like the Browns defense and there’s hope for the offense next year. But the Redskins are pulling off something special and even if RG3 isn’t 100%, Shanahan has been scheming all year to put his rookie qb in a position to succeed. So if Cousins starts, I still think the Skins get a win on the road and make the NFC East VERY interesting. Skins win 20-17.

Colts at Texans

Well, the Texans were awful on Monday night. You had to wonder what was going to happen first, another Patriots’ touchdown or another Tom Brady UGG commercial. Still, a good team can’t get embarrassed like that and not respond against a division rival who’s looking to take control of their own destiny. The Colts offensive line, which has allowed the second most QB hits in the NFL is facing off against the best pass rusher in the AFC in JJ Watt. Luck throws the ball more than any other QB not named Matthew Stafford and the Colts will need him to be almost perfect, which hasn’t happened yet on the road. While I think this game will be fun to watch, I think the Texans get the win 31-24.

Jags at Dolphins

I’m not sure a team that lost to the Jets at home deserves much ink. Phins win 19-10

Bucs at Saints

Four weeks ago, this game had playoff implications, but now it’s just the battle for who’s going finish second in the division. Bucs pass defense was lit up by Nick Foles last week. Not a compliment. Saints win 35-31.

Vikings at Rams

Rams are sneaky good at stopping the run, allowing only 4 yards a carry. They’ll need all the help they can get against Adrian Peterson as he became the 3rd player in NFL history that has 1600 yds, 10 tds and averaging 6 yards a carry through the first 13 weeks. The first two guys to do that? Jim Brown and OJ Simpson. I assume you’ve heard of them. Both teams on the cusp of playoff contention and/or irrelevance. Rams are in the middle of a 3 game winning streak and the Vikings are 1-5 at home. Rams win 17-10.

Lions at Cardinals

In general, the jeering “my Mother could play better than you” is NEVER true. But in Glendale, it’s not far off. Stafford is the most prolific passer in the NFL, and the Cards give up more sacks than any other team. So, let’s not drag this out. Lions win 27-10.

Seahawks at Bills (in Toronto)

How ‘boot this aye? … Sorry. Canadians laughed at that. Ok, so the Seahawks were pretty awesome at home against the Cardinals huh? And the Bills lost in the final seconds to the Rams and don’t even get to be home. They have to play in a dome. Neutral turf. Russell Wilson has 7 tds and 0 ints in 3 games versus the weak AFC, Marshawn Lynch is facing the team that gave up on him. So combine beastmode with Wilson’s heroics and it’s going to be ugly. Seahawks win 31-10.

Panthers at Chargers

Two of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. BUT, Cam Newton is on fire. First player in NFL history to explode for 250+ passing yards, 100+ rushing yards and a score by land and air. And the Chargers are Norved. So the game they should have lost, in Pittsburgh, they won. By a lot. And this game, they should win, so they’ll lose. But a slim margin. Panthers win 34-30.

Steelers at Cowboys

Speaking of inconsistent… May I present to you the Dallas Cowboys. Naturally, an emotional week for the team and they responded admirably. Tony Romo was great down the stretch and the Boys’ running game was a big part of their win in Cinci. The Steelers are still without Ike Taylor and the Chargers passing game was able to exploit that. Cowboys will too, but in typical Boys' fashion, it's going to be odd. Still, Cowboys win. 25-16.

Chiefs at Raiders

Right. I know. Less is more. Raiders win 28-21.

Sunday Night Football

Niners at Patriots

The Niners are so good at scheming isolations for Aldon Smith and Justin Smith and bringing in reinforcements from the best linebacking corp in the NFL. But the Pats’ point differential (198) is more than the Chiefs (195) or Cards (186) have scored all season.  This is a tough offense to slow down, but the other teams in the NFC West that have tried, this side of the Atlantic Ocean, were quite successful. The Pats 3 losses have come by a combined 4 points, while their 10 wins are by an average of 20 points a game. So while they can blow their opponents out, they tend to lose the close ones. I think this is a close game. Niners pull off the upset 22-19. (True, I was Steve Young for Halloween, twice, as a wee lass, so one could accuse me of a heavy Niners bias and have some strong evidence to support their claim. But nonetheless, I’m sticking with the Niners).

Monday Night Football

Jets at Titans

Ok, I know the Jets are “in playoff contention”… Mathmatically, yes. But if the Jets make the playoffs, I will don a Sexy Rexy belly and kiss the feet of every Jets fan I know. Titans should rebound after tough loss to the Colts and allow me to retain some semblance of dignity. Titans win 27-14.

Hope my 10-6 record from last week will improve this week. But I really just hope I’m right about the Titans. 



Buehler's Week 13 NFL Picks



Went 12-4 last week, but got lucky with the Norving of the Chargers, as they should have won the game against the Ravens and was disappointed by the Bucs inability to go down field in the final possession of the their loss to the Falcons.

It’s hard to watch the Raiders and impossible to keep your eyes off the Colts and Bengals as there’s 3 solid teams vying for 2 AFC Wildcards. 

I may not make the playoffs in “The League Of Shadows in Full Light,” but I can tell you which teams in the NFL will be doing some damage come post season.

Thursday Night Football

Saints at Falcons

Matt Ryan (my fantasy starter) has won 31 of his first 35 home games. But has lost the last 4 meetings to the Saints. New Orleans got thrashed by the Niners last week and want to get that egg off their faces. Matt Ice has a bad game. Saints win 27-21.

Sunday Football Funday

Jags at Bills

The Bills would be a bigger story in the NFL if the Jets hadn’t face planted this season. The Bills were supposed to be one of those surprise teams but ended up being on the receiving end of a surprising number of losses. No surprise the Jags are where they are. Bills at home get the win 28-20.

Seattle at Chicago

The Seahawks know they have to win on the road if they want to make a playoff push and Russell Wilson is as exciting to watch as RG3 without all the hype. The Bears offensive line is vulnerable and while everyone sees Chicago as a playoff contender, I see an older defense and questionable offense. Seahawks win 21-17.

Colts at Detroit

Andrew Luck had a tough time at New England and the game went south quickly. He wasn’t at his best at home against the Bills last week, but the team won with TY Hilton’s return touchdown and reception (also helpful for my failing fantasy team). I see Luck rebounding with one of his best games against a week Lions’ secondary. This week I see both teams throwing a lot, but advantage goes to Indy. They know a playoff spot is on the line and want it. Colts win 35-27.

Vikings at Packers

Always tough to pick against Rodgers rebounding. So I won’t. Minnesota has better lines, fewer injuries, but no Percy Harvin. Packers win. 28-10

Panthers at Chiefs

I’m amending this pick because I don’t think the game should be played. Absolutely terrible tragedy. For the families of those who lost the loved ones, but also for Pioli and Crennel who witnessed a man take his own life. Can’t unsee that. I’d be surprised if they sleep at all for the next week. – I abstain from picking this game.  And shame on the NFL for playing it.

Patriots at Dolphins

Seems like this is the perfect opportunity for something crazy to happen and the Dolphins pull off the impossible… But the Pats have won 5 in a row. Brady in those games: 14 tds, 0 ints. Brady just rolls. Pats win 34-14.

Cardinals at Jets

The Phoenix Suns are offering discounts to fans who don’t have fun at the game. The Jets should do the same. Again, this team is woefully ill prepared to play the style of football its head coach wants to play. The Cardinals lack a quarterback, but at least their defense is studly. Cards in 23-21.

Niners at Rams

As long as they don’t tie, I’m happy. Kidding. I’d likely thrown sharp objects if the Niners don’t win. Kaepernick gets the start and the playbook gets a facelift. Niners win 34-10.

Texans at Titans.

New offensive coordinator for the Titans means mid-season changes as JJ Watt rolls into town. Bad timing. Texans win 38-13.

Bucs at Broncos

The Bucs pass defense is ranked dead last in the NFL, but only the Bears and Giants have more interceptions than the Bucs. Manning has thrown 4 INTs in the last 4 games. The Broncos barely beat the Chargers and the Chiefs and the Bucs are 3-0 against the AFC. Bucs win 28-24.

Steelers at Ravens

Ben’s out. Ravens win. 16-10.

Browns at Raiders

Trent. Richardson. Browns win 35-14.

Bengals at Chargers

It’s getting to a point that Cub fans feel badly for Charger fans. The sufficient Norving of the franchise week in and week out is becoming almost bizarre. Cinci is #2 in the NFL in sacks. The Chargers defensive play makers were beat up last week. It’s going to be a long day for Rivers. Only good news is the game is blacked out in the local market. Bengals win 30-21.

Sunday Night Football

Eagles at Cowboys

The Cowboys are certainly capable of losing this game. There’s no reason they should, but they might. With only a slight inkling they will. Cowboys win 35-21.

Monday Night Football

Giants at Redskins

Bring yourself to Taco De Ojo in La Quinta where we’ll be watching this barnstormer! Can’t wait for this game. Love watching the Skins offense. Love watching Eli struggle, but end up victorious. He’s the best in the NFL as winning ugly. Giants win 31-28.




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