Jeffry O'Brien

Jeffry O'Brien is a manly man... a man for the ages... his knowledge of sports is unrivaled and he is simply an inspiration to us all. He has traveled the world and the seven seas and he has been heroic in all areas of his life. A beacon of hope and wonder. Why look at him... how could you, as a woman, not love him? How could you, as a man, not want to be him? It is impossible to imagine... so don't! Count your self lucky tha;askl';gvlkd 'adle brtjerertrtttttttttttt  give it back!!! pjpn iojopinkl;   j jj

(the keyboard has been wrestled out of Jeffry's hands and he has been sent away with the false promise of candy, station officials will now finish this bio... we apologize for any inconvenience. The truth continues below)

Jeffry O'Brien has had a long career in entertainment, starting with acting on both stage and television at an early age and later moving to stand-up comedy, touring nationwide for years. Jeffry has spent his 20-year career in radio doing mostly morning and afternoon drive shows, on both talk and music formats.

Recently, he returned to acting with a speaking role in a BBC docudrama and several other  television projects, as well as some noteable rolls in a few independent films. Jeffry has also done voice work on video games and other various animated projects.


As a writer, he has professionally authored a variety of commentaries and articles for major magazines, web publications, and newspapers.