Buehler's Week 13 NFL Picks



Went 12-4 last week, but got lucky with the Norving of the Chargers, as they should have won the game against the Ravens and was disappointed by the Bucs inability to go down field in the final possession of the their loss to the Falcons.

It’s hard to watch the Raiders and impossible to keep your eyes off the Colts and Bengals as there’s 3 solid teams vying for 2 AFC Wildcards. 

I may not make the playoffs in “The League Of Shadows in Full Light,” but I can tell you which teams in the NFL will be doing some damage come post season.

Thursday Night Football

Saints at Falcons

Matt Ryan (my fantasy starter) has won 31 of his first 35 home games. But has lost the last 4 meetings to the Saints. New Orleans got thrashed by the Niners last week and want to get that egg off their faces. Matt Ice has a bad game. Saints win 27-21.

Sunday Football Funday

Jags at Bills

The Bills would be a bigger story in the NFL if the Jets hadn’t face planted this season. The Bills were supposed to be one of those surprise teams but ended up being on the receiving end of a surprising number of losses. No surprise the Jags are where they are. Bills at home get the win 28-20.

Seattle at Chicago

The Seahawks know they have to win on the road if they want to make a playoff push and Russell Wilson is as exciting to watch as RG3 without all the hype. The Bears offensive line is vulnerable and while everyone sees Chicago as a playoff contender, I see an older defense and questionable offense. Seahawks win 21-17.

Colts at Detroit

Andrew Luck had a tough time at New England and the game went south quickly. He wasn’t at his best at home against the Bills last week, but the team won with TY Hilton’s return touchdown and reception (also helpful for my failing fantasy team). I see Luck rebounding with one of his best games against a week Lions’ secondary. This week I see both teams throwing a lot, but advantage goes to Indy. They know a playoff spot is on the line and want it. Colts win 35-27.

Vikings at Packers

Always tough to pick against Rodgers rebounding. So I won’t. Minnesota has better lines, fewer injuries, but no Percy Harvin. Packers win. 28-10

Panthers at Chiefs

I’m amending this pick because I don’t think the game should be played. Absolutely terrible tragedy. For the families of those who lost the loved ones, but also for Pioli and Crennel who witnessed a man take his own life. Can’t unsee that. I’d be surprised if they sleep at all for the next week. – I abstain from picking this game.  And shame on the NFL for playing it.

Patriots at Dolphins

Seems like this is the perfect opportunity for something crazy to happen and the Dolphins pull off the impossible… But the Pats have won 5 in a row. Brady in those games: 14 tds, 0 ints. Brady just rolls. Pats win 34-14.

Cardinals at Jets

The Phoenix Suns are offering discounts to fans who don’t have fun at the game. The Jets should do the same. Again, this team is woefully ill prepared to play the style of football its head coach wants to play. The Cardinals lack a quarterback, but at least their defense is studly. Cards in 23-21.

Niners at Rams

As long as they don’t tie, I’m happy. Kidding. I’d likely thrown sharp objects if the Niners don’t win. Kaepernick gets the start and the playbook gets a facelift. Niners win 34-10.

Texans at Titans.

New offensive coordinator for the Titans means mid-season changes as JJ Watt rolls into town. Bad timing. Texans win 38-13.

Bucs at Broncos

The Bucs pass defense is ranked dead last in the NFL, but only the Bears and Giants have more interceptions than the Bucs. Manning has thrown 4 INTs in the last 4 games. The Broncos barely beat the Chargers and the Chiefs and the Bucs are 3-0 against the AFC. Bucs win 28-24.

Steelers at Ravens

Ben’s out. Ravens win. 16-10.

Browns at Raiders

Trent. Richardson. Browns win 35-14.

Bengals at Chargers

It’s getting to a point that Cub fans feel badly for Charger fans. The sufficient Norving of the franchise week in and week out is becoming almost bizarre. Cinci is #2 in the NFL in sacks. The Chargers defensive play makers were beat up last week. It’s going to be a long day for Rivers. Only good news is the game is blacked out in the local market. Bengals win 30-21.

Sunday Night Football

Eagles at Cowboys

The Cowboys are certainly capable of losing this game. There’s no reason they should, but they might. With only a slight inkling they will. Cowboys win 35-21.

Monday Night Football

Giants at Redskins

Bring yourself to Taco De Ojo in La Quinta where we’ll be watching this barnstormer! Can’t wait for this game. Love watching the Skins offense. Love watching Eli struggle, but end up victorious. He’s the best in the NFL as winning ugly. Giants win 31-28.




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