Buehler's Week 16 NFL Picks


Buehler’s Week 16 NFL Picks

Went 11-5 last week, largely thanks to picking the Niners to upset the Patriots, and candidly, that pick was oozing more bias than MSNBC. But it worked. Hope these do too. 

Saturday Night Football

Falcons at Lions

Buried in the Lions failed season is Calvin Johnson’s season. But he’s becoming the ONLY bright spot for Detroit. Meanwhile, the oft-doubted Falcons are closing in on home-field advantage through the playoffs with a win. Calvin gets his record. But Falcons win 30-17.

Raiders at Panthers

The Raiders are coming off a shutout of the Chiefs, the Panthers are coming off a demolition of the Chargers. In an inglorious showdown of futility, highlighted by a cameo of Terrell Pryor (yes, that’s the only highlight). Panthers win 28-12.

Saints at Cowboys

The Saints have been a mystery all season, explained perfectly by the Super Bowl Curse. The Cowboys have won 4 of their last 5 games by 3,5,1,3 points respectively. Which means they’ve been teetering on losses and the Saints’ potent offense will be on full display. After a brutal start to the season, the Saints TO margin has climbed back to +1. ‘Boys are -9. Saints win 35-31.

Titans at Packers

I don’t know why people are Titan fans. I do know why people are Packer fans. Remember when the media wondered what was wrong with Rodgers? He’s only thrown 25 TDs versus 3 INTs in his last 8 games against the AFC. With a passer rating of 115.7 in those games. Pack is 26-0 when Rodgers’ rating is 115+. Math is simple. Packers win 33-10.

Vikings at Texans

The Vikings are the surprise team in the NFC North that has, get this, supplanted the Bears for a playoff spot.  All the while, Ponder is averaging fewer yards per pass than Peterson is averaging per carry. While that is funny, it’s going to equal turnovers against that Texans defense, which is second in the league with a +15 TO margin. Texans win 20-14.

Pats at Jags

I don’t know what you want me to say. Would you want to face the Patriots after they were embarrassed by the 49ers? Especially since the Jags have NEVER BEATEN THE PATRIOTS. EVER. Geez. Pats win 35-10.

Colts at Chiefs

This was on the schedule, so apparently, they do have to play. Colts win and they clinch a playoff berth. With a rookie head coach, rookie GM and rookie QB. That is 10 times more difficult than you can imagine and therefore, 10 times more impressive than they’re given credit for. Best story in the NFL. Colts win 28-17.

Bills at Dolphins

Dolphins. Because they suck less. 24-17.

Chargers at Jets

So last week, the same Chargers team that beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh for the first time in the regular season in franchise history, subsequently face planted at home against a lowly Panthers team. THAT means, on the road against a Jets team that is starting Greg Mc Elroy, clearly they felt the Cardinals and Chiefs were receiving too much undo attention for bad quarterbacks when they have a bevvy of them…  the Chargers will actually put together a game plan that is shockingly successful. And prove how #Norved the team is. Chargers win 24-7

Redskins at Eagles

Since the Eagles fired Juan Castillo, the secondary has allowed 14 TDs and collected 0 INTs. Last time these teams met, you might remember RG3 ended up with a PERFECT PASSER RATING, that wasn’t an accident. He gets the start. And the win. Redskins 28-14.

Bengals at Steelers

People often look at the Bengals the same way they used to look at the Saints- skeptical they can take that “next step” and become a legit playoff team. This is the week this team proves they are. They have all the right ingredients: Big armed qb. #1 receiver. Decent running game. Potent defense. Step aside Steelers. Who Dey Nation is taking this one. And a playoff spot. Bengals win 14-10.

Rams at Bucs

I don’t know what to think of either team. I’m not sure any two teams have been so Jeckle and Hyde as these two week in and week out. Both were relevant, then not, then on the cusp of a playoff berth, then not. And now, still not. But given the Bucs woes against the pass and Jeff Fisher’s coaching style, I’m going Rams 27-20.

Browns at Broncos

If the Ravens got shelled by the Broncos at home, the Browns are in for a long Sunday. Broncos win. 30-17.

Bears at Cardinals

Last time this game happened in Arizona, it produced one of the great moments in coaching history. Things have changed now. But, despite a huge win over the ailing Lions last week, the Cardinals are who we think they are. Bears win 28-10.

Giants at Ravens.

Both teams were embarrassed last week by playoff opponents. I’m giving the defending world champions the benefit of the doubt for a rebound, that and the Ravens offense may still need time to adjust to Jim Caldwell. Giants win 27-24.

49ers at Seahawks

I should spare you the reason the Seahawks could win this game. Despite Russell Wilson becoming the first rookie QB since the merger to go undefeated at home through the first 6 home games, despite this team scoring 50+ in back-to-back games and becoming the first team since 1950 to do so, despite the Hawks +11 TO margin besting the Niners +8 mark, I’m still taking the Niners to pull off the upset. Because I can. Niners win 30-14 (boom).  




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