Buehler's Blog at Super Bowl XLVII Day 3


Day 3

The idea was to ruffle the Ravens’ feathers. See if I could get them to drop the guise and show their true colors heading into the biggest game of their collective lives. So I wore my Niners jersey and asked various players, not the big names, but the guys no one else was talking to, about the Niners media bias. But instead, I found solidarity, unity and a bunch of nice guys who were willing to play along on Media Day.

Doesn’t make for a “juicy” story, but it does say a lot about the team. Usually, the leaders of a team will be well acquainted with what to say, rarely are players with limited media experience united in a common message. But the message I got from the Ravens was: A) They enjoy being the under dog. B) They are going to let their play on the field dictate their message to Niner fans.

Which, if you’re a Ravens fan, is exactly what you want to hear. While I still think the matchups favor the Niners, the Ravens have enough matchup problems on both sides of the bal to make the game interesting and if it’s close, and the game comes down to a field goal, I don’t think a person in their right mind, 2-week-worn jersey or not, that wouldn’t take the Ravens and Justin Tucker over the Niners and David Akers.

I spoke with Jim Harbaugh and Patrick Willis and Colin Kaepernick and Joe Staley and Alex Boone and they were united as well, in fact, Harbaugh said this was the most focused, united team he’s ever been around. High praise from the coach. But “unity” won’t help an inconsistent kicker nail a 40-yard field goal in the final seconds.

Here’s the Niners pulling away in the second half and the Ravens winning the Super Bowl next year and me grabbing some Pizzeria Villagio when I get back to town... Thanks to SWAT Fuel for keeping me going...









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