Buehler's Blog at Super Bowl XLVII Day 4


Day 4

Last night’s media party produced some memories, and that includes forgetting everything that happened after one of Pat O’Briens’ infamous Hurricanes.

But when I woke up this morning and headed into the NFL Films studios to be interviewed about the “Greatest 49ers of All Time” and the “Greatest Steves In NFL History,” proudly wearing my “Ms Young” jersey, I realized all the memories I acquired from years of watching Young, dressing up as him for Halloween at 11-years-old and falling in the love with the game because of how he played, would be what I relied on for this monumental opportunity with NFL Films.

Although I disagreed with some of the placements of the players on the list and thought some head coaches should have been included in the “Greatest 49ers” conversation, I enjoyed reliving how “8” showcased his passion for the game on the field and helped ignite a passion for the game in me.

And that’s what this week is REALLY about. Sure there’s the Ray Lewis angle, the retirement and the PEDs. And yes, there’s stats and matchups and strengths and weaknesses to outline and dissect. But what it boils down to, is the raw passion for the game, the instinct to keep going against all odds, the chess match against your opponent, against circumstance.

That’s what this week is really about. Celebrating a championship.

If the Niners are victorious Sunday, it will be a cherished event for sure. But regardless of what happens, as much as losing would require significant concessions of personal style on my part, it will still be a week to remember for the passion of the game everyone in New Orleans shares.

Thanks to Swat Fuel for keeping me going from NFL Films to Buehler’s Day Off and now to the Moves’ Magazine party and to Pizzeria Villagio for setting the bar so high, I’m not impressed by mediocre cuisine. 


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