Jules From The Gridiron 4-4-13


 “Jules From The Gridiron” 4-4-13

It’s a general policy of mine to not make news of a single tweet- but THIS particular tweet was so spectacular that I am going to: You can officially count Joe Montana as a fan of the direction the 49ers are heading with this offseason. He tweeted: “Nnamdi Asomugha & Colt McCoy make #49ers stronger! Cant wait for the draft #49erfans.” … Love that he used the #hashtag and even more so that I agree with him completely. Can. Not. Wait. For the draft.

It’s interesting that Tom Brady was at USC throwing to the likes Wes Welker and Danny Amendola, and Wednesday he was throwing to Terrell Owens, which is particularly unique, although hardly worthy of significant commentary, except, someone failed to tell Owens that there’s a little difference between UCLA and USC because he tweeted, “Bout to get this work out in @ ucla w/T Brady, M Cassel ans the fellas...check it out…” And then he posted a picture. That’s quality. And proof why I generally don’t use tweets as news… So lets get back to the real Jules from the Gridiron…

The Cardinals announced Wednesday that inside linebacker Daryl Washington has been suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2013 regular season for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. Washington can participate in all offseason and preseason activities. Cards Head Coach Bruce Arians said in a statement: "Adversity and dealing with it is part of the business but when it's avoidable like this was, it's particularly tough. One of the biggest things we preach is accountability; Daryl knows that and our team knows that. We will deal with this and others will have to step up until he's back. I'm confident they will."

Considering he has leading a young team, rookie qb and his great-friend/head coach in the hospital as unavoidable adversity Arians faced last year with the Colts, losing a versatile player like Washington is an inconvenience, but barely a blip on the radar.

From the “Good Lord, NO PLEASE” file: there are “sources” that tell CBS Sports Mike Freeman that “a lot of teams” are following JaMarcus Russell’s comeback story and there’s a “good chance” he gets a second shot. He’s been working with Jeff Garcia and Mark Sanchez and we wish him (and by we, I mean everyone NOT espousing themselves as a Raiders fan) the best of luck, but I don’t buy that a lot of teams are considering giving him a second shot.

We all know that the man can sneeze and the ball will go 70 yards, but the game is about timing routes and decision making more than ever before, two things Russell failed at spectacularly in Oakland. So will his comeback story turn heads? Absolutely, it should, he’s a great athlete. But teams should exhaust their due diligence before getting attached.

Tomorrow’s edition: why HGH matters so much and why Congress SHOULD get involved…


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