Interviews Week of 01/26/2014 (2)


Frank Caliendo and all the voices in his head. 

Frank Caliendo


Clint Bowyer NASCAR Driver on media row talked about his love for Kansas City Chiefs, and being on team Manning. 

Clint Bowyer


Dave Koechner aka Champ Kind talked about Anchorman 1 and 2, his favorite scenes.

Dave Koechner

 Micheal Irving talked about which match up is not getting enough attention. 

Michael Irving


Miss America Nina Davuluri  Talked about combating the cold and her Super Bowl XLVIII prediction. 

Miss America Nina Davuluri

 Joe Theisman on media row talked about his company Unequal and what they are doing to make football helmets saver, and his Super Bowl XLVIII prediction. 

Joe Theisman


Roger Craig on embracing media day, the late great Bill Walsh, the Hall of Fame, and who's got the special sauce.

Roger Craig


Mike Kils of the Denver Post was surprised on how open the Denver Broncos were on media day.

Mike Klis


Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report talked about why he thinks the Superbowl should not be in NYC, and what most fans do when at a SuperBowl, and his thoughts on Richard Shermans post game interview in the NFC Championship game.. 

Mike Freeman


Bill Romanowski  talked about how proud his is that his former team is in the SuperBowl, the Seahawks defense, who he thinks with win the SuperBowl. 

Bill Romanowski


Plaxico Burress thinks the SuperBowl is great for the city but he thinks that due to traffic and space this will be the last SuperBowl in NYC, who he thinks will when and why. 

Plaxico Burress 


Jamal Lewis talked about the first thing to freeze on his body when its cold, traffic, how he feels about the SuperBowl in NYC. 

Jamal Lewis

 Uriah Faber Radio row UFC fighter on how he blances training, diet, and media, as well as being a huge 49'ers fan. 

Uriah Faber

Uriah Faber

 Joe Williams with his weekly installment of Pace of Play.

Joe Williams


Chris Cooley Former TE for the Washington Redskins talked about the switch from football to media. 


 Chris Carminucci independent league scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks talked about the California Winter League and his scouting methods.

  Chris Carminucci

 Dan Quinn Seahawks defensive coordinator has a message for Geoff.

Dan Quinn

 Bobby Wagner Preparing for battle and his love for TMNT. 

Bobby Wagner

 Cliff Avril  Doesn't care who the 49'er root for. 

Cliff Avril

 Richard Sherman talked about how the media twisted make stories bigger than they really are. 

 Richard Sherman

 Pete Carroll talked about what he brought with him from USC that has made him successful in Seattle, and how important is for the D-Line to get pressure on Manning. 

Pete Carroll 

Pete Carroll 

Tom Cable Offensive Line Coach talked about turning around the Raiders, and how he has helped to make the Seahawks offense so effective. 

Tom Cable

Petyon Manning during media row talked about his NON-Brotherly rivalry. and retirement if he is going to saty in the game after retiring as a coach, and his hopes for Marvin Harrison will be selected for the Hall of Fame. 

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Shawn Phillips on Media Row talked about being the old guy on the team, and converting chargers fans to Bronco's fans. 

Shawn Phillips

Shawn Phillips


Luis Vasquez on Media Row of the Denver Broncos talked about liking the team he is on, and how he is not interested in converting Chargers fans to Bronco's fans.

Luis Vasquez


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