January 31st 2014


Hour One Last Day in NYC on Media Row Athletes being star struck by the Likes of Jennifer Garner, Kevin Cosner, Jules talks sibling John Harbaugh, Barry Sanders sighting, Robert Raolia the Tax Man stops by Julies studio on Media Row, Broccoli pizza, interview with Joe Theisman, Miss America, and one of the last Super Bowl Qualifications for the Tilted Kilt Super Bowl Party this Sunday. 


Hour Two MLB IN Full Bloom, Geoff and his Birthday Doritos, Interviews with Micheal Irving, Dave Koechner aka Champ Kind, NASCAR's Clint Bowyer, Frank Caliendo, and the Last Super Bowl Qualification. 


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, The Dome Picks Super Bowl Tilted Kilt  Winner, Julie and Geoff pick their Super Bowl XLVIII, Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports Primetime, Wrap up from Media Row.  

 HOUR Three 



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