February 26th 2014


Hour One  Jule's mirror is gone, but she's got some heat when it comes to tossing the football, PDHS heartbreaker, Xavier out, Desert Chapel Still in, David's Diamond Deals, Trouty's New Deal, Final Brodown, Who Wants to Wrasle?


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, BNP Pariba talk,  journalistic ethics 101, Pace of Play with Joe Williams, Rockets Vs Clippers, lotta H's right there, Top 5 List.


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Lakers Lack Discipline, Verbal Tips, High School sports update, NBA updates, 4 point shot.

 HOUR Three 


Joe Williams with his weekly installment of Pace of Play. 

Joe Williams

 Nate Buehler plays judge and jury in the Final BroDown, to help Julie and The Dome settle their disputes. 

 Nate Buehler



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