March 3rd 2014


Hour One Broadcasted live on location at Big Horn Golf Course, CIF says, bye bye to the Lady Blackhawks Soccer team over a technicality, Palm Desert Water Polo Girls and Boys rocking it, Gary Flores Director of Operations for the Cancer for College, Director of Marketing Theresa Maggio.


Hour Two MLB IN Full Bloom, Davids Diamond Deals, Angels talk, Rory Upended, Tiger withdrew, The Dome is blind as bat when it comes to Will and Nelly.


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, press conference with Will Ferrell, Will and Craig Pollard stopped by to chat about the Cancer for College event.

 HOUR Three 

Will Ferrell and Craig Pollard talked about the next two days of events for the 21st Cancer for College Charity event. 

Will Ferrell and Craig Pollard 


 Theresa Maggio Director of Marketing at Big Horn Golf Course talked about the Cancer for College .

 Theresa Maggio

Gary Flores Director of Operations for Cancer for College talked how the event originated, and how much money and people they have helped over the 21 years. 

Gary Flores


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