March 11th 2014


Hour One BNP Paribas updsets, NFL Free agency started today, David Diamond Deals, Clippers last night, Pete Carroll breaking NBA news, Jackson to the Knicks, What are the Raiders doing? 


Hour Two MLB IN Full Bloom, BNP Paribas update, Chaplin Kirk Scott talked about Magic Johnson coming to speak at Desert Christian Academy for the 24th annual Auction Gala,Top 5 List.


Hour Three   Jules From The Gridiron, Glenn Moore, NBA update, BNP update, what to do with nails?


 Chaplin Kirk Scott talked about the 24th Annual Auction Gala at Desert Christian Academy, with guest speaker Earvin "Magic" Johnson. 

 Kirk Scott

 Glenn Moore of talked about the Browns picking up a home town guy in Donte Whitner. 

Glenn Moore



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