March 25th 2014


 Hour One Cranky Dome, and Clippers win, playing pranks never gets old, David's Diamond Deals, Lakers host Knicks, Pau likely out, Chatted with Gerald Washington, what's Kobe got to say?


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, talked with Indy car racer Scott Dixon, chatted with Greg Latta, Top 5 list.


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Sweet 16 Games, Clippers win Last Night in New Orleans, Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports Primetime, March Birthday Party tomorrow.



Greg Latta former 4 year letter men at Palm Desert High School, and Purdue Boilermaker talked about trying out for the Raiders and how he switched from basketball to football.

Greg Latta


Scott Dixon reigning Indy Car Champion talked about his team, his daughters, and lemon drops.

Scott Dixon


Gerald Washington will take on Skip Scott at Fantasy Springs Casino April 3rd 2014. 

 Gerald Washington



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