April 15th 2014


Hour One NBA Playoffs are set, Tommy Bahamas Garvey and Wills tonight, Clippers game tonight, David's Diamond Deal, NCAA D1 unlimited snacks for all athletes, Fantasy Baseball league, Robert Raiola Sports Taxman, Lakers Beat Jazz. 


Hour Two MLB in Full Bloom, The Indianapolis Colts Chaplin Ken Johnson stopped by the studio to talk about his upcoming  movie Fatherless, stop talking like that Duck it!


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Top5 List, talked with the Mayor of Mayor's Manor John Hoven, and Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports Prime Time.



John Hoven of Mayors Manor.com hockey website chatted about the NHL Playoffs match ups. 

John  Hoven

 Ken Johnson the Chaplin of the Indianapolis Colts was in studio to talk about his upcoming movie Fatherless. 

Ken Johnson

  Robert Raiola- The Sports Taxman and his 411 on taxes of the pros and the highest taxed states in  America.

 Robert Raiola


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