May 6th 2014


Hour One Kings win again, Ducks on the ropes, Clippers huge win over the Thunder, Talked with Houston radio host Brien Straw, David's Diamond Deal, The Final Brodown with Nate Bro Buehler, Angels Beat the Yankees.


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Paw Patrol with Brandon Oneil GM of Desert Princess, Ceo of Action Potential Wendy Drabble Cole, Top 5 List. 


Hour Three Warriors fire Jackson,  Jules From The Gridiron, NBA Playoffs, Dome wants to play for the Pacers, Dodgers and Angels updates, in studio with  Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports Primetime. 


Brandon O'Neil GM of Desert Princess talked about the New home for the SoCal Coyotes in the first installment of the New Season of Paw Patrol.

  Brandon O'Neil 

Wendy Drabble Cole CEO of Action Potential talked about her health tips of the week. 

    Wendy Drabble Cole 

Brien Straw of B-Straw and Pauly G of Sports talk 680 Houston to talk about the Teaxans and the number one pick in the NFL Draft. 

Brien Straw


 Nate Buehler Dissemintaing Righteous Judgement across the Valley for the Final Brodown.

  Nate Buehler


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