May 13th 2014


Hour One Sterling on Anderson Cooper, Ducks Beat The Kings, Magic buying the Clippers? Talked with Morton Anderson Former NFL Kicker.


Hour Two Jules From The Gridiron, Paw Patrol with Coach J. David Miller, Talked with Wendy Drabble CEO of Action Potential with her health tip of the week, Julie gives The Dome his gifts from NY.


Hour Three Chatted with Carl Jackson about Donald Sterling's rights  being Impinged, MLB IN Full Bloom, Clippers game 5 preview.


Morton Anderson Former NFL Kicker talked about the way to be successful in the NFL and giving back. Talked about Owners mentality and his thoughts on Sterling. 40/40/20 Rule.

 Morton Anderson


Coach J. David Miller Owner of the So Cal Coyotes talked about whats going onwith the team in his weekly installment of Paw Patrol.

 J. David Miller


Wendy Drabble Cole CEO of Action Potential talked about her new T5 program that she has at Action Potential.

 Wendy Drabble Cole


Carl Jackson talks about impinged rights of Donald Sterling, America and Racism.

Carl Jackson


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