July 15th 2014


Hour One HR Derby Cespedes gets the Trophy agian, Puiggy Awful debut  for Yasiel, David's Diamond Deal, Farewell to Jeter tonight, All Star Game, Final Brodown with Nate Buehler, Pau goes to Chicago on "instinct".


Hour Two  MLB In Full Bloom, Paw Patrol with J.David Miller, NBA free agent signings, Top 5 List by the Dome only.


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron,  talked with John Peter Hagan golf analysis talked about the Open  Championship.



John Peter Hagan golf analysis, and author of  of Play Away Please, talked about the Open Championship. 

  John Peter Hagan 

 J.David Miller Coach of the So-Cal Coyotes in his weekly segment of Paw Patrol.

  J.David Miller

 Nate Buehler  delivers righteous judgement all across the land between Julie and the Dome's disputes. 

Nate Buehler



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