Interviews Week of 11/10/2013


Ron Shipley Head Coach of Shadow Hills High School talked about the keys of success to the Knights season and their upcoming playoff game.

    Ron Shipley


Dan Armstrong Head Coach of La Qunita High School talked about winning the flag against Palm Desert in a thrilling game last Friday, and the upcoming playoff game. 

  Dan Armstrong

 Dan Murphy Palm Springs High School Head Coach talked about the upcoming playoff game.

  Dan Murphy

 Pat Blackburn 20 year head coach of Palm Desert High school talked about getting ready for the Aztecs playoff game this Friday.

  Pat Blackburn

 Rex Rover Co. Athlete of the Week Senior Quarterback for Xavier talked about his 7-3 season, favorite receivers to throw to, his college plans. 

  Rex Rover 

 Bob Moylet Coach of Xavier talked about his first season coaching at Xavier and the possible playoff birth that did not happen due to CIF selections. 

  Bob Moylet

 Arron Lomboy Senior middle linebacker and running back Co. Athlete of the Week from Cathedral City High School, talked about his love of the game, the CIF snub, and his nickname. 

  Arron Lomboy

 Richard Lee Coach of the Cathedral City High School Head Coach talked about their 8-2 season and the CIF decision leave them out of the playoffs.

     Richard Lee

 Joe  Williams Director of Golf at Indian Wells Golf Resort in his weekly installment of Pace of Play with his tips of the week, how to control your pace when your on the green.

     Joe Williams

 Marty Mcdonald Fantasy Expert Draft with all of your fantasy football starts, sits, trades, and pickups.

    Marty Mcdonald

 Ben Bolch LA Times Clippers blogger talked about the exciting finish to last nights game, Griffin and Jordan's improvement in their game this year, and making the next step in the playoffs this year. 

   Ben Bolch

 Eric Pincus LA Times Lakers writer talked about the defense woes of the Lakers and the upcoming game against the Pelicans, Steve Nash and his rehab issues, lottery or playoffs? As well as the multiple starting line up changes.

   Eric Pincus

 Coach J. David Miller in the weekly on installment of Paw Patrol talked about the SoCal Coyotes season and the close loss in the playoffs this past weekend. 

 J. David Miller


November 11th 2013


Hour One Broadcasted Live from the Beer Hunter in La Quinta, California for Monday Night Football, Julie and Geoff discussed the Lose for Cathedral City and the misfortune of the coin toss, NFL teams that are going to be fine, and NFL teams in trouble.


Hour Two  Broadcasted Live from the Beer Hunter in La Quinta, California for Monday Night Football, MLB in Full Bloom, Clippers/Lakers over the weekend, Wolves vs the Clippers tonight, USC playing well, BCS standings, MNF preview. 



November 8th 2013


Hour One  Birthday Celebration, Oregon get's hammered, NFL Week 10 Picks.


Hour Two Geoff's Friday Feast, chatted with Vance Mcdonald of the San Francisco 49ers, MLB in Full Bloom, and Top 5 List.   


Hour Three Dodgers talk, who should stay and who should go, Lakers win, Clippers Lose, chatted with Rob Ralph about the FCA Luncheon on the 14th, chatted with Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports Prime Time.

 HOUR Three 

November 7th 2013


Hour One PGA Super Store, NFL style golf bag, Clippers vs Heat, Lakers at Rockets, Oregon vs Stanford, Redskins vs Vikings, and trivia questions.


November 6th 2013


Hour One Director of golf at Indian Wells Golf Resort in his weekly installment of Pace of Play, updates on the incognito bullying, MLB news.  


November 5th 2013


Hour One  Who will win Jules from the Gridiron or MLB in Full Bloom, chatted with coach J.David Miller of the SoCal Coyotes in the weekly installment of Paw Patrol, LA Clippers game overview.


Hour Two MLB in Full Bloom, chatted with Safety James Dockery of the Carolina Panthers, Top 5 List. 


Hour Three Richie Incongnito bullying, chatted with the sports taxman Robert Raiola, Lakers rundown, chatted with host of Prep Sports Prime Time Kevin Pillow. 

    HOUR Three 


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