November 4th 2014


Hour One Julie doing push-ups with The Dome on her back, MNF overview, The future of the Giants and Colts, talked with Adam Rank of NFL about his Sanchez crush, American League MVP, Trout? Lakers need a win. 


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Kershaw best pitcher in the game? Paw Patrol with assistant head coach Shane Helms, the top 10 college football ranking.


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, NBA and NHL updates, 



Shane Helms Assistant Head Coach of the SoCal Coyotes for Paw Patrol.

  Shane Helms


Adam Rank the President of Fantasy Nation, what else? You guessed it, Fantasy Football. 

Adam Rank

November 3rd 2014


Hour One Broadcasted Live from the BeerHunter for Monday Night Football, Julie Kapernick's her Monday morning coffee, and the Dome Does Wind Sprints in a Dallas Airport, Julie and Her Grandma tested drove some cars, Week 9 overview in the NFL.


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Jules from The Gridiron, and Monday Night Football picks. 


October 31st 2014


Hour One Guy Time No Dome, last night, Florida State and their come back, The Dish with Keith Sansone, talked with Zennie Abraham the Moderator of Oakland Sports, Guy Time.


Hour Two NFL Picks of the week, Issac Lowenkron Clippers preview, more guy time. 


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, NFL Picks, best college games on the dockett this weekend, Corban Baker of KMIR with high school football, Kevin Pillow of Prep Sports PrimeTime. 


Corban Baker of KMIR talks Coachella Valley Friday Night Lights. 

Corban Baker


Issac Lowenkron of the Clippers Radio Network talked about the new season, what to expect from the Clippers, and the excitement of a fresh start. 

Issac Lowenkron

Zennie Abraham Oakland sports moderator talked about the problems that the city is facing in keeping its pro teams. 

Zennie Abraham 

 Keith Sansone with the Dish at Sullivan's Steakhouse, talks parties at Sullivan's, Crab claws, and the bad news Bears. 

Keith Sansone

October 30th 2014


Hour One Broadcasted Live at Babes BBQ and Brewhouse for Thursday Night Football, World Series is over now what for The Dome? Jim Lefevbre former Cubs manager, Wendy Drabble Cole CEO of Action Potential. 


Hour Two Coachella Valley Beer Scene, Jules From The Gridiron, MLB In Full Bloom, Dome and his beer, Thursday Night Football picks, bit. 



 Wendy Drabble- Cole CEO of Action Potential with her living health tips of the week.

Wendy Drabble- Cole

Jim Lefevbre Former skipper of the Chicago Cubs stopped by Babe's BBQ and Brewhouse to over view the World Series, talk the future of the Cubs, and Kelsey's Heros game this weekend. 

Jim Lefevbre

October 29th 2014


Hour One Broadcasted live from Mitch's on El Paso, Maddon to the Cubs? Game 7 of the World Series, talked with Mitch Epstien of Mitch's On El Paseo, head coach of Shadow Hills High School Ron Shipley talked about the Knights epic season. 


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Odds for game 7 of the WS, Pace of Play with Joe Williams, The Dome uses Twitter as his number one new source. 


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Sir Bannon Clark with his wavier wire picks for week 9, Game 7 World Series update. and Don Juan. 


Sir Bannon Clark with his week 9 Wavier Wire pick ups. 

Sir Bannon Clark 

Joe Williams the Director of Golf at Indian Wells Golf Resore w

Joe Williams

Coach Ron Shipley of the undefeated Shadow Hills High School Football team.

Ron Shipley

October 28th 2014


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