August 27th 2014


Hour One No Dome, Angels and Dodgers on top, Talked with Coach Brett Davis of CVHS,Josh Shaw update, in studio with George Thomas of Indio High School.


Hour Two Still No Dome, Jules From The Gridiron, in Studio with Keener and Will Mcmahon, Pace of Play with Joe Williams, Josh Shaw saga continues.


Hour Three Clippers extend Doc Rivers coaching contract, Josh Shaw fabracting his story,chatted with Dan Armstrong of LQHS, and Coach Pat Blackburn of PDHS. 


Pat Blackburn Head Coach of Palm Desert High School talked about past and present players and why players think they have to make every play. 

Pat Blackburn


Dan Armstrong Head Coach of  La Quinta High School, talked about his success last season and what he need to do to repeat the success this season. 

Dan Armstrong


Joe Williams Director of Golf at Indian Wells Golf Resort with his golf tips of the week in his weekly installment of Pace of Play. 

Joe Williams

Chris Keener and Will McMahon Live in studio talked about his upbringing in The First Tee of the Coachella Valley and how it helped him be selected to play in the PGA Champion Tour in Pebble Beach. 

Keener and McMahon

George Thomas Head Coach of Indo High School  talked about the upcoming season and what he would do if Johnny Manzel was his QB.

George Thomas

Brett Davis Head Coach of Coachella Valley High School talked about the Run and Shoot offense that he runs and the versatility of the offense. 

Brett Davis. 

August 26th 2014


Hour One he Wade Leblanc Experience AL West Showcase, Mike DiGiovanna Angels writer for the LA Times. Angels Talk, Josh Shaw at USC, what happened?


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Angels vs Marlins, Sir Bannon Clark in Studio. 


Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Paw  Patrol live in studio with Kicker and Punter of the SoCal Coyotes Dan Kelly and Alex Dunnackie, Tiger coming back, Aussie slang. 


Dan Kelly and Alex Dunnackie live in studio Kicker and Punter for the So Cal Coyotes for the weekly installment of Paw Patrol. 

Dan Kelly and Alex Dunnackie

 Sir Bannon Clark with gifts for the Dome, Vacation overview, and spreadsheet research project results. 

Sir Bannon Clark

Mike DiGiovanna Angels writer for the Angels talked about Hamilton, Calhoun, and Richards going down and what the Angels need to do to win the West. 

Mike DiGiovanna 

August 25th 2014


Hour One  PGA talk, Sam Bradford out from the Season,Fantasy Football Draft, Angels lose series take AL West Back, Radiers least desirable team to play for? 


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, West Coast Baseball Taking the nation by storm,  Top  5 List. 


Hour Three  Jules From The Gridiron, Angels vs Marlins, US Open rundown, The Dome calls Les Snead Manager of the ST. Louis Rams to plead his case for Starting QB, DE go B gap. 


August 22nd 2014


Hour One Broadcasted Live From The BeerHunter In La Quinta,  Fantasy Football Draft, ALeague draft order, Angels swept Red Sox, Hugh Van Horn and Brandon Marley Weight Loss Challenge, Kershaw and Turner beat Padres.


Hour Two MLB In Full Bloom, Angels Vs A's Series, The Dish With Keith Sansone on Location, Score Update.


 Hour Three Jules From The Gridiron, Fantasy Football Team Names, Kevin Pillow on Location, and Score updates. 


 Keith Sansone of Sullivan's Steakhouse with the Dish. 

Keith Sansone

Huge Van Horn and Brandon Marley with there Weight Loss Challenge to battle Cancer. 

Horn and Marley 

August 21st 2014


Hour One Julie Apologizes, Richards Injury for the Angels, Rashad "The Franchise" Roberts for Paw Patrol.


August 20th 2014


Hour One Chopp'n Sleeves like Calhoun steal'n Home Runs, Joe Williams with Pace of Play.


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