January -March


Dr. Sinha and Dr. Roberts of S.T.A.R. Orthopedics spend an action packed hour breaking down sports injuries. From the recent pro injuries and recovery times, to helping you get back into your game the Sports Doctors are here to help you. Questions for the Sports Doctors, feel free to contact them every Thursday night from 6-7pm via phone or text at (760) 440-8255.

Web Show number two, NHL Talk, Derek talked about Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins hearty salaries,  NHL Playoffs if they started today, Mark Sanchez signing, Johnny Manzel and his pro day, Derek's NFL Draft LB profiles.  North Western's hearing to play athletes. MLB Opening Day Down Under, Top 5 NCAA Final Four Wins.   

   March 27th 


Web Show no commercials, no mercy,  NHL Talk,  Patrick Cane's Knee Injury,  Heart Rhythm banter, sports hernia, NFL talk, Derek Markovitz's, NFL O-Line top picks in the Draft, NCAA Tourney break down, Top 5 NCAA Teams of All Time.  

  March 20th

 Special Guest Derek Markovitz Founder and Chief Editor for Coast to Coast Sports, NHL trade talk,  Top 5 Shocking NHL Deadline Trades, MLB, March Madness, contenders vs pretenders. 

  March 6th 

February 27th Show

February 27th 

Women's Olympic Hockey, Knee injuries, Should the NHL be in Sochi? Russian Men's Hockey team sleeping with the fishes? Hamstring stretching, Sliding into first,  Dayton 500 talk, Ankylosing Spondylitis and how medication has helped the number of surgeries, NFL Combine, Incognito talk, Top 5 most memorable NHL Goals. 

February 20th 

Olympic Hockey Update, Medal Count in Sochi, NFL Draft Micheal Sam talk, Cleveland Browns, what are they doing? Derick Jeter curtain call, Different types of strokes. LVH, Hernias, Top 10 NBA Nicknames.

February 13th 


NHL injuries and who won't be going to Sochi to play in the Olympics, Super Bowl recap, Tibia healing time, Medical Marijuana, Shoulder injuries, Lakers and all their injuries, Top 5 Olympic list.

February 6th

 Something going on this weekend in NYC, big game in LA, Kings vs  Penguins, how much longer will Jager play? Dr. Sinha's 7 point fix to  All-Star Games. Weather looks like it won't impact the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch tight lipped, Greatest Quarterback in the Dr's lifetime, Petyon and his Bone Fusion, Top 5 Super Bowl  Plays of All Time.  

January 30th

NHL update, Richard Sherman, Sochi games terror fear, Concussions, and cognitive tests,  Antibiotic steroids, ACL/MCL , PRP and stem cells, joined by Dr. Sam Reber, and the Sports Doctors Top 5 SuperBowl Stories. 

January 23rd

 We start stretching things out this Thursday.

January 16th