July - August 2014



Francoise Rhodes covers it all on GOLF is a 4 Letter Word Saturday morning from 10-11am Pacific. Hear celebrity interviews, your personal stories, along with Francoise's favorite golf courses and resorts. The show covers current golf news, fashion trends, call-in discussions, tournament updates and contests galore. "Because golf is a 4 letter word, in more ways than one!




 Judith Coleman, Executive Producer of the new television series The Rural Golfer joins the show.

 July 19th


 23 years caddying on the LPGA tour, Mark Scott joins the show for an insight about the life of a caddy.

  July 12th 

Kyle Burton tells us about his 79 years of being part of the game, his friends arnie, Jack , and Sam, plus his thoughts about the players of today.  He also shares a really good golf tip!

  July 5th 




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