November-December 2014


Dr. Sinha and Dr. Roberts of S.T.A.R. Orthopedics spend an action packed hour breaking down sports injuries. From the recent pro injuries and recovery times, to helping you get back into your game the Sports Doctors are here to help you. Questions for the Sports Doctors, feel free to contact them every Thursday night from 6-7pm via phone or text at (760) 440-8255.


Top Story in Coast2coast Sporting News, NHL blood clots and trade talks, chatted with Jim Buxton about the NBA, NCAA basketball talk, NFL updates, NCAA top 4 teams, beat number 1 you are number 1, Top 5 Dumbasses of the week. 

  Nov. 20th


Top Story in Coast2coast Sporting News, NHL Trade and injury update, talked with Gar Bercury staff writer for  Pittsburgh's Sporting news, NCAA Top Football teams, NFL talk, DumAss of the week and Top 5 List. 

 Nov. 13th

 Top story in Coast2coast Sporting News, NHL, Talked with Maryland University Doctor Craig Bennett, NFL talk, DumAss of the Week, Top 5 bold predictions for the second half of the NFL season. 

 Nov. 6th 


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