September - October 2014


Dr. Sinha and Dr. Roberts of S.T.A.R. Orthopedics spend an action packed hour breaking down sports injuries. From the recent pro injuries and recovery times, to helping you get back into your game the Sports Doctors are here to help you. Questions for the Sports Doctors, feel free to contact them every Thursday night from 6-7pm via phone or text at (760) 440-8255.



  Gordie Howe had a stroke, NHL injury report, Derick's special guest, World Series winner, Big Ben, McCoy, NFL injuries, College Football Final Four, NBA, DumAss of the week, Top 5 NFL Pretenders. 



The Flyers are NHL's Raiders, language barriers, NHL trade rumors, Ray Rice suspension update, The Potato skins new QB, talked with Jim Buxton of Coast to Coast Sporting News, Brownies and Bungels, Freeman of the Bleecher reports and his shades of racism, World Series, Dumass of the Week, Top 5 List. 

October 23rd


City of Pittsburgh sports, NHL, NFL, how to treat a knee injury, the KC Royals, Kevin Durant and his jones fracture, the supplementary draft, dumass of the week, The top 5 worst NFL teams in 2014.

  October 16th


NHL season started, "Peyton" Kershaw  should he win the NL MVP? The Final Four in MLB. NBA Preseason, NFL Thursday Night Blowouts, NFL injuries, Dumass of the week, Top 5 Teams in the NHL that more than likely will not make the playoffs this year that made the Playoffs last year. 

  October 9th 


 NHL Hockey, how to make the NHL better, NHL injuries, MLB wildcard games, NFL, The Dumass of the Week, Top 5 NHL Coaches that job are in jeopardy before the season starts.  

  October 2nd 


NHL offseason talk, MLB, NFL Top 5 Surprises in the NFL, where is Rodger Goodell? They know better, or do they? RGIII done?

  September 18th

 NHL Talk, goalie advantages, NFL Ray Rice Break down, Atlanta Hawks story, NFL game break down, Dumass of the Week, Top 5 worst NFL Scandel's. 

   September 13th

 NHL lack of preseason,joined by Bob Marra to talk about the Humana Challenge for 2014, College football, PED's and NFL new ways to test, Week 1 NFL preview. Jim Kelly cancer free, Super Bowl Prediction, Dumass, and Top 5 list.  

  September 4th

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