Talking Tech Oct-Dec 2013


 Kevin Pillow and Anthony Ghirardi bring you the latest on the world of gadgets, gizmos and games each week on Talking Tech. Every Monday evening Anthony and Kevin cover everything from the newest games and gaming systems to the latest consumer technologies for your home or business or pocket. Most importantly are you with team Anthony (Andriod) or team Kevin (Apple). Join in on the program on twitter @talkingtech1010 and Facebook.

 A year in review as Kevin and Anthony break down the best and worst tech of 2013, and what to look forward to going into 2014.

Episode 12

 This week Kevin and Anthony are joined by Joel Hunter to talk about great holiday gift ideas for techies.

Episode 11

 This week Kevin and Anthony talk top selling video games in history, the possible Sprint & TMobile merger, and why every guy should have a "top 5" list.

Episode 10

  This week Joel Hunter of Gametastic Retail and Tech Life Company joins the show as the guys discuss some of the best video games of 2013, Apple TV/Roku, and why the NSA pays people to play World of Warcraft.

Episode 9 

  Amazon Prime Air, lackluster Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, and how Paul Walker's untimely death may effect Fast 7.

Episode 8 

  This week Anthony and Kevin talk about video game DLC, micro-transactions, and bad-ass Quentin Tarantino films.

Episode 7 

 This week Anthony and Kevin discuss Black Friday shopping, video  game trailers, and the Xbox One release.

Episode 6 

 Comedy group Chucklehutt, hosts of The Poor Decisions Podcast, join Talking Tech this week as we talk PS4 / XBox One release, red carpet wardrobe malfunctions, and why everybody should give Affleck's Batman a fair chance.

Episode 5 

 With the news of Panasonic discontinuing production of Plasma TVs, Anthony and Kevin discuss some of the bigger failed technologies in recent years.

Episode 4 

 This week Anthony and Kevin are joined by Sid Johnson from Desert Oasis Comics and Scott Smelcer from Best Buy Palm Desert. They discuss comics, comic book movies, and how digital downloads are changing the comic book industry.

Episode 3 

 Anthony and Kevin break down Apple's keynote presentation, reopen the Mac vs PC debate, and talk Marvel universe on this week's episode of Talking Tech.

Episode 2

 Anthony and Kevin talk about GTA V, a la carte television, Next Gen consoles, and why you shouldn't spend $600 on an HDMI cable from Best Buy.

Episode 1