Talking Tech Jan - May 2014


 Kevin Pillow and Anthony Ghirardi bring you the latest on the world of gadgets, gizmos and games each week on Talking Tech. Every Monday evening Anthony and Kevin cover everything from the newest games and gaming systems to the latest consumer technologies for your home or business or pocket. Most importantly are you with team Anthony (Andriod) or team Kevin (Apple). Join in on the program on twitter @talkingtech1010 and Facebook.

 This week the guys get back to the roots of the show and stick with tech topics. Apple/Beats merger, Netflix price hikes, and more Net Neutrality news are all on the docket in this episode of Talking Tech.

Episode 26

 This week Kevin and Anthony are joined by station genral manager and big boss man Jeffry O'Brien, as they talk Google's self driving cars, Skype making their group video calling service free for all users, and we sneak in a little comic talk as we discuss the newly announced Justice League movie.

Episode 25

 This week Kevin and Anthony are joined by Anthony's brother Kyle, and friend of the show Blake. They discuss some of their favorite video games and systems, Netflix raising their prices a bit, as well as Netflix officially coming out against the Time Warner/Comcast merger.

Episode 24

 Coachella weekend 1 has come and gone and neither Kevin nor Anthony went, but they did see Captain America 2. Listen for a spoiler-full break-down of the MCU at this point in time, along with news of Google continuing to take over the world one company at a time, and Microsoft bringing Cortana to Window's phones. Hail Hydra!

Episode 23

  6TB hard drives, Amazon Fire, the incredible Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, and much more are all on the table in this week's episode.

Episode 22

 Episode 21 is here, and to celebrate we are bringing out all the stops. Beer provided by La Quinta Brewery, laughs provided by Chuckelhutt, and tech advice brought to you by Joel Hunter. This monster of an episode covers everything you have come to know and love from Talking Tech. Uncensored and off the cuff, with a dash of earthquake to liven things up.

Episode 21

 This week Kevin and Anthony talk a bit of Comic Con, Presidential vehicles, and our personal theories on what happened to flight MH370.

Episode 20

  In rare fashion, Kevin and Anthony actually discuss a bit of technology. This week they discuss SD cards, retail "warranties", and Nintendo vs. Sega circa 1990.

Episode 19

 This week Kevin and Anthony geek out about the full Guardian's of the Galaxy trailer, Kate Upton in zero gravity, and Google Fiber expanding to 8 more cities.

Episode 18

 The newest UFC game, crappy winter Olympic coverage, and the end of Flappy Bird are all on the docket in this week's episode of Talking Tech.

Episode 17

 Windows XP dangling by a thread, Superbowl Commercials, and the movie award season all make the list in this week's episode of Talking Tech.

Episode 16

 This week Kevin and Anthony criticize American media outlets, discuss Quentin Tarantino's leaked script for 'The Hateful Eight', and run down even more Marvel Universe news in both TV and Film.

Episode 15

 Net-Neutrality, App-based television, and Marvel movie news make the list in this week's episode of Talking Tech.

Episode 14

 CES is upon us! Samsung's bendable 105-inch television, wearable tech, and video game consoles, Kevin and Anthony break down some of the products and companies that came out of the gate swinging.

Episode 13