Superbowl XLVII


Julie prepares to watch her San Francisco 49er's in the big game by spending the week on radio row. Not only did she broadcast live from New Orleans all week (in her Niner's jersey), she also had a chance to catch up some players, coaches and more. 


SuperBowl XLVII Day 5

Buehler Day 4 at Super Bowl XLVIIFinal day on Radio Row includes Michele Beadle, Ike Taylor, Cam Newton and more.

SuperBowl XLVII Day 4

Buehler Day 4 at Super Bowl XLVIIJulie samples the tastes of New Orleans and sits down with Dick Vermil and others

SuperBowl XLVII Day 3

Buehler Day 3 on radio rowJulie finds free stuff, and sits down with Kirk Morrison and Christian Okoye

SuperBowl XLVII Day 2

Buehler on Media DayJulie talks to the 49ers and a few Ravens

SuperBowl XLVII Day 1

Buehler on Radio RowJulie recaps day one in New Orleans on Radio Row at Super Bowl XLVII